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Your Internet Guide to the Truth Founded in 1999, The American Body Wrap Association™ was formed to establish standards and ensure credibility in an industry that has sometimes been lacking in professionalism. Members pledge to provide professional service and adhere to standards of ethical business practices. Members will not make false claims of results.

Membership is open for distributors, salons, and all providers of body wrapping services and products. Suppliers of do-it-yourself kits are also eligible to join. Enrollment costs nothing, with a recurring annual fee of only $10. This fee includes your listing on this website. Join now, and show YOUR clients that you are an honest, professional provider of services.

Association members and affiliates must pledge to provide truth in advertising, and will not make any claims of unsubstantiated medical benefits, nor claim that body wrapping will provide permanent weight loss. While the accompanying list is not all-inclusive, these member companies listed have pledged to conduct themselves and their business with the highest ethical and professional conduct.

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Code of Ethics

Members will NOT:

Claim that a body wrap provides permanent weight loss. Claim body wraps are a substitute for diet and exercise. Claim that body wraps alleviate pain or heal any condition. Perform the service without first obtaining a health history. Perform the service if medically contraindicated. Allow any client to perform exercises [while] wrapped. Make claims regarding profitability for new Business startups.

Members will:

Members will maintain the highest standards of sanitation. Members will practice honestly and professionally. Members will ensure their employees abide by the Code. Members will report suspected violations to the Association.

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