Rock Music
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Rock Music

    Rock music is a musical genre based on older musical styles such as rhythm and blues and rock in roll. The music originates from the United States and United Kingdom. The instruments for rock music are guitars, drums, keyboards and synthesizer and it focuses on powerful voice. A group specializing this music is called a rock group or rock band. The group consists of guitarist, vocalist and a drummer.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, rock music did something unexpected. It turned into several, more particular genres, all which were synonymous with rock music. The world watched while rockers? as the players of rock music became known, grew their hair out, dressed in tight clothes, and piped up their voices to create a new kind of music. Glam rock and classic rock, as these styles were known, stayed in the spotlight into the mid 1980s, until the public demand for this lifestyle began to wane. To this day, however, there is a following of true fans to this genre of music.

Some rock groups took glam rock to a new, more intense, level, and became heavy metal rockers. Heavy metal is often recognized by the racing speed of the music, mated with often highly energized vocals. Many of the worlds fastest musicians are part of the heavy metal world. Also, oddly enough, heavy metal is one of the prominent genres to have stepped back a few centuries, rebirthing popular classical favorites in an upbeat, driving rhythm.

While the heavy metal industry catered to the hardcore speed fans, other groups took a more subtle turn into a heavier sound, becoming known as the grunge rockers. This sound was pulling away from the typical speed solos of guitars and other instruments, and concentrated more on the driving beat and catchy lyrics. The style of these bands became known as the maturation of rock, appealing to a more adult audience, as well as the youthful following.

Also popular among the youthful generation are types of rock known as punk, alternative, and ska. Punk rock is typical music found among the rebels, skaters, and other kids. It sports an upbeat, in-your-face, style, with out front vocals. Punk is very energetic, and often played at youth rallies, and other such functions. Alternative is similar to punk with a few exceptions seen, depending on what band you are listening to. Ska fuses the alternative rock sound, and adds brass instruments (normally trumpets and saxophones) to the music. Ska is often heard in an off-beat, up-strum on the electric guitar, adding a taste of Caribbean flavor where it derives some of its?influence.

Modern rock music drives our musical culture forward with an ever-evolving sound. The anomaly that groups are always coming out with a new sound and new material is a testament to the creativity that flows within this expanding genre.

Since the rock music gained popularity around the world, its a common entertainment to many people locally and internationally. There were albums recorded and available for sale but there are groups also perform live during special events. Over time, the lyrics of rock music are more explicit and raised concern to several people.